~ Garden design & project management ~

If you require a garden design then why not choose one that has the enviornment in mind right from the beginning. We believe that a garden developed and maintained to its maximum potential can add real value to your home and create harmony between you and mother nature. A good design should be able to marry these two vital elements together and offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Whatever the size of your plot, we can offer innovative design solutions to suit your needs and help you create a wonderful garden full of life for you to enjoy all year round.


~ Landscaping, patios, stone & timberwork ~

Landscaping can be a potential disaster when it comes to the enviornment. Although it is practically impossible to truly build a garden organically there are things we can do to make it a more sustainably built project with waste being the most obvious and easiest item to control. We can also source our materials ethically and use local materials as much as possible.


~ Garden maintenance & tidy ups ~

Garden maintenance is our core business and we are experts at it. We only use organic methods when tending our gardens but that doesn’t mean that we won’t use strimmers and lawnmowers! However we have a burning ambition to become as sustainable as possible and we are currently aiming to switch all our hand held machines over to battery power from petrol in time for the Autumn season 2019. 

We won't use  artificial fertilisers and insecticides at all in your garden. They have been proven to be a false economy and harmful to both people and the environment alike. Take a leap of faith and trust us to get the job done safely and efficiently.

We can keep your garden maintained to a very high standard while making a positive contribution to your local environment.


~ Planting & planting plans ~

Planting is really what a garden is all about as plants breath life into a garden, making it a beautiful space all year round. There are a wide variety of useful plants which can be planted in any garden to help it flourish . The Organic Garden Company can design proper planting plans should you require them or just offer friendly advice on the right type of plants suited to your garden and its own particular conditions.