It has long been recognised that it is easier to work with nature than against it. We believe that with a few simple techniques we can enhance any garden and minimise it's impact on the environment. We do this by using materials made from renewable resources as much as possible, composting, recycling and by not using under any circumstances pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

We believe that every garden can be managed organically and that doing so will always result in a beautiful garden teeming with life and colour.

Our Mission..
To raise awareness about the damage insecticides and chemical fertilisers are doing to humans and our enviornment and in this regard change how people think about gardening

What is Organic Gardening?

Organic gardening treats each garden as a living ecosystem where all living things are interrelated and interdependent.

Organic gardening utilises only renewable natural resources and does not involve the use of weedkiller and other toxic chemicals in a garden. When artificial fertilisers are used they dissolve quickly into the soil’s water and are absorbed faster and more directly by plants, by-passing the soil life. This can lead to over-lush growth which is far more susceptible to pests and diseases.

It is far better to treat and feed the soil with organic matter which over time will lead to good rich soil and healthy, beautiful plants.

Organic gardening works with nature through complimentary planting and by encouraging lots of (friendly!) wildlife into the garden to help combat unwanted pests and diseases and enhance soil conditions.

It’s all about quality soil, healthier plants and happy customers!